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Teraflex Extreme Heavy Duty Drag Link Kit - JK

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Drivers know factory OEM versions are great for city driving and a normal drive height but once you start changing the terrin and the suspension geometry, factory strength just doesn't cut it. That's why Teraflex has designed the Heavy Duty or HD drag link kit that includes a 1.25 inch drag link as it can help with steering. Fully forged, it can help to limit extra movements when drivers are maneuvering hard steering situations. It works in conjunction with an large factory OEM style adjustment collar and clamp (pinch version) to help with adjusting. For increased durability, the preload tension adjusts and the tie rod's end joint has the strength of a chrome molly ball and stud along with a steel housing. Secured with a snap ring, the joint is pushed into and firmly in place in the rod end housing. It will fit OEM factory 17 inch tires.

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