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Teraflex Falcon Nexus EF 2.1 Stabilizer (Stock 1-3/8in Tie Rod) - JK

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The Falcon Nexus EF Stabilizer has a 2.125" diameter that was created specifically for the JK Wrangler. It's purpose is to give balance and control to the steering response by way of a properly weighted steering motion. The bi-directional turning force gives equal return to center dynamics through the hard anodized aluminum body and low profile cap. This allows for maximum clearance and an unobstructed suspension travel. The stabilizer has a patent pending on it and it maintains a smooth motion, even under rapid turns and extended maneuvers. The reduced cavitation helps to maximize performance in the oil and gas separator and the synthetic shock oil gives high levels of performance in any temperature. The equilibrium and center is always balanced with equal force and side-to-side resistance. Drivers get long-term performance with the 5/8" hard chrome, which is resistant to rock damage and corrosion even after years of hard use. The one-piece Teflon bronze piston wear band has an o-ring with optimum levels of fitness to clear anything during full suspension travel and the fast adjust knob gives you quick compression adjustment options. Sealked rod end joint mountings give direct responsiveness at even the lightest touch and the Lucas Oil full synthetic shock oil was built in the TeraFlex Falcon shock division for high quality results every time. The Falcon Nexus EF Stabilizer was made to fit all JK Wrangler models including Unlimited and Rubicon models. The three-year warranty gives you time to make adjustments and see the results for yourself.

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