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Teraflex Falcon Nexus EF 2.2 Adjustable Stabilizer (Stock 1-3/8in Tie Rod) - JK

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This equal force Falcon Nexus 2.2 adjustable stabilizer has been specifically designed for all JK Wrangler models, including the Rubicon and Unlimited, and provides a balanced steering feel, equally weighted in both directions. The stabilizer features a fast adjustment knob, allowing compression changes, on the fly. No matter what compression is selected, the Falcon Nexus'; use of return-to-center dynamics gives consistent turning force in both directions. The low-profile, 2-1/8 inch diameter 6061 hard anodized aluminum body has been engineered to provide maximum suspension clearance, allowing JK Wrangler owners the most out of their Jeeps.

No matter how far a turn is pushed, even in conditions that demand rapid turning for extended periods, smooth travel with reduced cavitation is delivered by the inline oil/gas separator. No external reservoir is necessary. Synthetic oil guarantees top performance through the wide range of temperatures experienced by serious Jeep enthusiasts. The Lucas brand lubricant ensures the longest-possible life before performance loss, and shock fade. Lucas has engineered a thermally stable formula that includes lubrication and anti-friction compounds that further help to extend the life of the TeraFlex Falcon Nexus JK Wrangler equal force 2.2 adjustable stabilizer. The patented stabilizers are produced in house by TeraFlex';s shock division, a company that has been involved with Jeeps since the 1950s, and offering premium-quality parts since 1996.


  • Equal force side-to-side resistance
  • Inline oil/gas separator
  • Machined-true internal shock body surface
  • Corrosion resistant
  • 5/8"" hard-chrome, induction-hardened, low-porosity shaft
  • One-piece piston wear band with o-ring; Teflon, bronze construction
  • Fast compression adjustment knob
  • Sealed rod-end joint mounting, in OEM style
  • Fully synthetic oil by Lucas
  • Three-year warranty

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