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Teraflex Falcon SP2 3.5 E-Adjust Piggyback Shock Kit - 2-4.5in Lift - JL 4Dr

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Gain more control over your suspension tuning with the Falcon SP2 3.5 aDAPT e-Adjust Piggyback Shocks! In addition to the 8-Position Dial, these shocks can be programmed to automatically switch from Soft to a manually preselected Firm setting depending on terrain. The aDAPT Control Module 's 3-position In-Cab Switch includes Soft, Firm, and Auto settings.

"œHigh-Value Performance" is the driving force behind our vehicle-specific Falcon shocks for Jeeps, trucks, and SUVs. These Jeep-specific shock absorbers deliver increased stability, improved ride quality, and comfort for daily driven vehicles as well as race-inspired performance, handling, and stability for off-road rigs. Falcon Performance Shocks by TeraFlex.

Features & Benefits:

SP2 3.5 aDAPT e-Adjust Piggyback Shocks:

* SP2 3.5 aDAPT e-Adjust Piggyback Shocks offer a wide range of adjustability for specific terrain and/or handling characteristics
* In Auto Setting, the aDAPT Control Module automatically switches from Soft to a manually preselected Firm setting based on driver selectable minimum "œG" threshold
* The desired Firm setting is controlled manually by the 8-Position Dial
* aDAPT Control Module adjustment parameters: forward acceleration, lateral
* acceleration, braking
* Each parameter is set separately
* Firm mode duration can be set between 1-5 seconds
* 3-position In-Cab Switch settings include: Soft, Firm, Auto
* Can also be manually adjusted from Soft to preset Firm setting
* Using the Falcon App, multiple presets can be created and used for different
* driving conditions
* Calibrate aDAPT Control Module for various install orientations
* SP2 Mode Adjust tunes compression and rebound for Soft or Performance settings
* Ideal for daily driven Jeeps as well as the serious enthusiast wanting automatic control and advanced tuning options from the driver seat


* Bump stop configuration varies depending on shock absorber collapsed length, tire size, and fenders.
* May require 2" Bump Stop Strike Pad Extension Kit (# 1959500) and/or 0.5" Bump Stop Strike Pad Shim Kit(s) (# 1959300).

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