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Teraflex Falcon Series 2.1 Sport Monotube Shocks Front & Rear Kit 3-3.5in Lift - JK 4DR

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Created by TeraFlex, the Falcon Series 2 Monotube Shock was designed to deliver the best handling and performance requirements of Wranglers in an affordable, compact package. The 6061 aluminum hard anodized body helps protect all internal components from damages, providing superior heat dissipation for consistent overall performance. The single tube design uses an oil/gas separator, preventing cavitation during rapid shock cycling. Shocks by Falcon feature Red Line Oil, a full synthetic shock oil, delivering superior performance over all temperatures, reducing shock fade. This proprietary synthetic formula contains specific anti-wear and lubricity agents, producing the best thermal stability. The features and benefits include the JK specific shock, an increase in vehicle stability, and an improved dynamic roll control, as well as an improved low speed damping. It is optimized in fitment for clearance during full suspension articulation and travel. The front offset stud design helps create an additional frame clearance, with a 2.25" shock body providing optimal performance. This is the largest shock body that will fit your Jeep with no modifications. The smooth honed internal shock body surface offers long-term performance with a 3/4" shaft, preventing shaft buckling. The maximum shaft diameter offers optimal performance range, while the hard chrome, induction hardened shaft resists corrosion and rock damage. The OGS helps prevent cavitation, while the shock also comes with digressive linear piston and base valve technology. The one-piece Teflon bronze piston wear band with o-ring works seamlessly with the hard anodized billet piston. The aluminum construction provides superior heat dissipation, while the 1,000 hour salt spray corrosion resistance is applied to all hardware. Fitment and function are the highest priorities on these products; it is serviceable and rebuildable in factory. All products are built in-house by the TeraFlex Falcon shock division. This product fits all JK Wrangler models, comes with a 3-year warranty, and is a patent pending design.

Length Information:

  • Front Extended - 27.00
  • Front Compressed- 17.80in
  • Front Travel- 9.20in
  • Rear Extended- 26.30in
  • Rear Collapsed- 17.10in
  • Rear Travel- 9.20in

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