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Teraflex Falcon Series 3.1 Piggyback Shocks Front & Rear Kit 1.5-2.5in Lift - JK 4DR

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TeraFlex engineered the Falcon Series 3.1 piggyback shock to deliver high performance and handling with race-inspired patent pending technology. These shocks were built in-house at the TeraFlex Falcon shock division and developed exclusively for the unique requirements of the Jeep Wrangler market. As with all Falcon shocks, the Series 3.1 puts vehicle stability at the top of its goal list, going above and beyond the minimal tuning that shock manufacturers have done in the past to merely adapt the shocks instead of specifically designing them for an application. Teraflex changes that with the 3.1 shocks.

The shocks are corner specific and deliver superior damping characteristics with the highest priority being around fitment and function. After a long and painstaking development process, the Series 3 is finally here as a top quality JK specific shock that fits all JK Wrangler models including Rubicon and Unlimited.

They feature a 2.25-inch diameter hard anodized body with innovative mounting designs and front shocks with a unique piggyback and offset stud design that creates additional frame clearance. The reservoir is horizontally positioned for optimized fitment that maximizes clearance with large tires during full suspension travel and articulation. The shocks achieve maximum clearance with an offset upper stud that positions the shock body away from the frame.

At the rear, the shock eliminates shaft damage from rocks kicked up by tires by positioning the body and reserve at the bottom. The outboard mountain has raised track bar brackets to increase the clearance for lifted vehicles.

These shocks come in adjustable and non-adjustable versions for different levels of performance and offer increased vehicle stability, improved dynamic roll control, and improved low-speed damping. The smooth, honed internal shock body surface delivers long-term performance with a hard chrome, induction hardened shaft to resist rock damage and corrosion

The Series 3 is the largest shock body that will fit without modifications and it boasts a 6061 aluminum hard anodized shock tube that is excellent at resisting wear, a 3/4 inch shaft that prevents buckling, and maximum shaft diameter for optimal performance range. The shocks come with an oil/gas separation to prevent cavitation and the Series 3 is built tough with a one-piece Teflon bronze piston wear band with o-ring, aluminum construction for superior heat dissipation, 1,000-hour salt spray corrosion resistance on all of its hardware, and a hard anodized billet piston.

This series reduces shock fade across all temperatures and delivers superior performance with Red Line full synthetic shock oil. This proprietary formula contains lubricity and anti-wear agents to produce outstanding thermal stability. The shocks are serviceable & rebuildable and come with a three-year warranty.

*NOTE - Due to varying lift heights we always recommend you measure the shock length you need to ensure proper fitment on your application*

Length Information:

  • Front Extended - 25.70in
  • Front Compressed- 15.70in
  • Front Travel- 10.00in
  • Rear Extended- 25.30in
  • Rear Collapsed- 15.30in
  • Rear Travel- 10.00in

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