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Teraflex Falcon Series 3.3 Adjustable Piggyback Shocks Front & Rear Kit 1.5-2.5in Lift - JK 4DR

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Owning a Jeep Wrangler can be an exhilarating experience for the owner. It can be even more exhilarating when the Jeep has a Falcon Series Adjustable Piggyback Shock. This amazing piece of equipment makes it easy to turn any Jeep Wrangler into a smooth racing vehicle. The goal of any Falcon Shock is to make a vehicle stable enough to handle even the roughest rides.

In the past, rather than being improved, shocks were adapted in the most basic way possible. Now they are being designed with specific applications in mind. Thanks to the Falcon Series 3 Piggyback, more care is taken in creating new shocks. This series of shocks were built starting with the most basic idea and improving on it.

The best possible characteristics were built into the new series of Piggyback shocks. When these shocks were designed it was with two high priorities in mind; function and fitment. The process of developing this new line of shocks was a lengthy one in which great care was taken.

The unique design of these piggyback shocks puts the reservoir in a horizontal position. This was done to increase clearance levels for Jeep Wranglers with larger tires. The shock body is positioned further from the frame than other shocks, allowing for the maximum clearance height possible.

Thanks to the rear shocks the reservoir and body are located underneath the Jeep in order to be able to eliminate the possibility of the shaft becoming damaged when tires kick up rocks. Its outboard mounting assists in provided lifted vehicles with the needed clearance. This is accomplished using the raised track bar brackets.

One feature of the Falcon shocks is the full synthetic shock oil by Red Line. This oil helps any Jeep Wrangler to perform at its maximum possible potential regardless of the temperatures it is exposed to. This reduces shock fade on the vehicle. The formula used in the creation of this oil has special lubricating agents and anti-wear agents which work together to allow for thermal stability.

Benefits of the Falcon Series Adjustable Piggyback Shock:

  • Vehicle stability is greatly increased
  • Dynamic roll control is improved
  • Low speed damping is improved
  • Allows for optimal fitment to provide full suspension clearance

The diameter of its shaft is maximized in order to ensure optimal performance. The Falcon Series Adjustable Piggyback Shock is compatible with every Jeep Wrangler, even the Unlimited and Rubicon models of the vehicle. A three year warranty applies.

*NOTE - Due to varying lift heights we always recommend you measure the shock length you need to ensure proper fitment on your application*

Length Information:

  • Front Extended - 25.70in
  • Front Compressed- 15.70in
  • Front Travel- 10.00in
  • Rear Extended- 25.30in
  • Rear Collapsed- 15.30in
  • Rear Travel- 10.00in

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