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Teraflex Falcon Series 3.3 Adjustable Piggyback Shocks Front & Rear Kit 3-4.5in Lift - JK 4DR

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For the Jeep Wrangler the new series of Falcon Adjustable Piggyback Front & Rear is the best choice for those who live life to the fullest. The goal of the new and improved Falcon shocks is to make any Jeep Wrangler more stable that it has been in the past.

After years of doing nothing more than adapting shocks to handle today's Jeeps, shocks are now being designed with the Wrangler in mind specifically. With new corner specific shocks, Wrangler owners have never been happier with the performance of their vehicle. A shift in priorities when building new shocks has led to the production process becoming more advanced than ever.

The new design of front shocks means that the reservoir is now positioned differently to ensure improved performance. An upper stud properly offset allows for the body of the shock to keep its distance from the Jeep's frame, ensuring the maximum possible clearance. The new and improved rear shock puts both the reservoir and the body down below, which prevents the rocks from damaging the shaft. Lifted vehicles can now have more clearance thanks to the outboard mounting. The fitment has been optimized in order to make clearance possible in the event of full suspension travel occurring.

There are both non-adjustable and adjustable versions of the Falcon Series 3.3 Adjustable Piggyback Front & Rear Shocks. As a result, consumers will have the performance level they are looking for.

The stability of any Jeep Wrangler is enhanced by these shocks, as is the dynamic roll control. Low speed damping has also been improved thanks to the shocks. These shocks will perform for years to come due to their newly honed internal surface. Corrosion and damage from rocks is one thing vehicle owners don't have to be as worried about with this new series of shocks. The new and improved hardened shaft is extremely resistant to both corrosion and damage caused by rocks. It also has an anodized hard billet and linear piston. Superior heat dissipation is made possible by the aluminum construction.

The full Red Line synthetic shock oil is now used to keep everything running smoothly. Corrosion is now less likely to occur than ever before, helping consumers get their money's worth out of their purchase. This makes the Falcon Series 3.3 Adjustable Piggyback Front & Rear Shocks a smart purchase, as the line fits every Jeep Wrangler model, and even comes with a three year warranty.

*NOTE - Due to varying lift heights we always recommend you measure the shock length you need to ensure proper fitment on your application*

Length Information:

Front Extended - 28.10
Front Compressed- 16.90in
Front Travel- 11.20in
Rear Extended- 27.70in
Rear Collapsed- 16.50in
Rear Travel- 11.20in

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