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Teraflex Front & Rear Speedbump Kit 6in - JK

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These innovative Speedbump bumpstops lend high-performance applications to the JK Wrangler. By reducing impacts from suspension compressing, this kit can reduce the bumpstop bottoming that goes with it. It absorbs much of the harsh impact that can come from off-road trails as well as paved roads in poor condition. This gives the driver better control as well as reducing the risk of axle housing bends.

TeraFlex SpeedBumps use the latest microcellular polyurethane technology to create a bumpstop that is progressive and durable. Even with heavy use over time, its performance won';t lessen. With this bumpstop technology, extreme temperatures have no effect on its performance or flexibility. The shaft is constructed with Delrin acetal resin polymer and self-lubricates to keep it in good working order even under heavy use. The seal on the external shaft cleans and wipes the shaft to keep the Speedbump housing free from contaminants.

Keep going on road or off with these Speedbumps that require no maintenance, tuning or custom adjusting. This kit features easy, bolt-on installation. Just remove the front, factory bumpstop bell and install this kit easily without any need for welding. With two from and two rear SpeedBump bumpstops, front lower strikepads and front adjustment spacers, it includes everything needed for better vehicle control.


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