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Teraflex Front SpeedBump Kit 6in - JK

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Reduce harsh impacts and bottoming out while providing a smoother driving experience on back country roads by installing this Teraflex Front Speedbump Kit 6in -JK in a Jeep JK Wrangler. This front speedbump kit features a closed-cell nitrogen system with a microcellular polyurethane technology that holds up under heavy usage and extreme temperatures. The front speedbump kit also includes a self-lubricated shaft that uses a Delrin acetal resin polymer that prevents wear from repeated cycles of usage along with an external shaft seal that prevents outside contaminants from getting in and causing wear on the inside of the bumpstop.

This Teraflex Front Speedbump Kit 6in is maintenance free, requiring no tuning or adjustment and includes a simple bolt-on installation process. The kit includes two front 6in Speedbumps with strike pads, sleeves and adjustment spacers, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


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