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Teraflex Front Tera44 HD Axle w/ 4.56 R&P and OEM Locker, 0-3in Lift - JK Rubicon Only

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TeraFlex JK Front Tera44 R44 Rubicon Replacement Axle Housings include a heavy-duty housing with axle tubes, bracketry, and forged inner knuckles, pre-installed inner seals and upper control arm bushings as well as OEM Rubicon locker, choice of Spicer ring & pinion gear ratio, Spicer bearings and install kits, TeraFlex heavy-duty ball joints, and factory yoke.

Simply swap over axle shafts, outer knuckles, outer axle assembly, unit bearings, brakes and sensors. The comprehensive assembly makes swapping axle housings a true DIY process!

TeraFlex heavy-duty JK Front Tera44 R44 Rubicon Replacement Axle Housings are perfect for replacing bent, broken, or damaged front axles in JK Wrangler and Rubicon vehicles. Can also be used as a direct bolt-on upgrade for JK Wrangler owners looking to beef up the front axle 's weak areas.


WIDTH: 67" WMS-WMS (stock)

AXLE TUBE: 3.25" x 0.5"



  • OEM Rubicon locker
  • Spicer ring & pinion - 4.56
  • Spicer bearings & install kits
  • TeraFlex HD ball joints
  • Factory yoke

Features & Benefits:

  • 3.25" O.D. x 0.5" wall axle tube increases strength to resist bending & torsion w/ minimal weight increase
  • Pre-installed inner axle seals
  • Forged HD inner knuckles w/ greater upper & lower section strength
  • Ductile cast iron housing w/ increased rib gussets
  • HD ductile iron differential cover
  • Asymmetric housing design, for extra-long tube side strength
  • Smooth radius bottom design to glide over rocks & obstacles
  • Integrated lower flexarm skid plates
  • Bottom oil drain hole for simple fluid changes
  • Premium UV protected triple-stage powder coat process for superior corrosion resistance
  • 1/4"-thick CNC laser cut axle brackets for extreme strength
  • Integrated factory location upper control arm mount
  • Pre-installed upper control arm bushings
  • Reinforced front track bar mount (ties into spring pad) for greater strength
  • Proper pinion angle for lifted JK applications
  • Pre-tapped hole on spring perch for bump stop extensions
  • Pre-drilled holes for limit straps & lower spring retainers
  • Retains all JK ESP, ABS, & speedometer sensor capability
  • 100% engineered, designed, & built in the USA
  • 100% new components
  • 1-Year / Unlimited Mileage Warranty


  • The R44 axle works w/ factory axle shafts & Rubicon locker (# 68017176AA) or # OX D44-JKR-30 locker. The ARB RD157 locker or the # OX D44-JKR-30 locker can be used w/ new 35 spline axle shafts.

Requirements & Recommendations:

  • Below is a list of Requirements & Recommendations for TeraFlex axle housings as budget and build preference allows.
  • Questions? Stop scratching your head and contact us! We know our axles AND we're here to help!


  • 0-3" LIFT: This axle is a direct bolt-on upgrade! Although stock control arms will work at this lift height, aftermarket flexarms may be used if desired - highly recommended w/ a 3" lift.
  • Front upper (# 1252200) & front lower (# 1252000) TeraFlex JK Sport Flexarms will work w/ 2.5-3" lifts.
  • Front upper (# 1415520) & front lower (# 1415500) TeraFlex JK adjustable Alpine Flexarms will work w/ 2.5-4" lifts.
  • Front upper (# 1315520) & front lower (# 1315500) TeraFlex JK adjustable Alpine Long Flexarms will work w/ 3-6" lifts.


  • 0-6" LIFT: High-quality aftermarket axle shafts will enhance your set up. We recommend "œRCV" or "œTEN Factory" high-end shafts. Stock Rubicon axle shafts may also be reused.


  • 0-6" LIFT: Get serious with HD 0.5" wall seals (# 4354050) or keep it real with standard 0.25" wall seals (# 4354025). Stock seals may also be reused.


  • 0-3" LIFT: The JK HD Tie Rod & Drag Link Steering Kit (# 1853900) will do the trick, though the stock steering system may be reused.


  • 0-6" LIFT: Experience a notable difference w/ a TeraFlex Big Brake Kit (# 4303400 or # 4303420) or JK Big Rotor Kit (# 4303480 or # 4303490).

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