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Teraflex JK Alpine Rear Upper Flexarm Kit - JK

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When driving off road, drivers are always looking for off road upgrades that can help them to better protect their vehicles. The Tera Flex Alpine Rear Upper Flex Arm Kit helps with just that as it's a dependable flex arm that is fully adjustable. It works like a monster flex arm and has bushings (factory OEM versions) that give excellent rubber bushings with minimized vibrations on either side for better off road experiences. The coating is E dipped to help provide added strength and is corrosive proof. The joint (adjustable) has a pinch collar (aluminum version) that will lock after the appropriate positioning has been set and measured. With a 5/8 " x 0.156 " wall, it's adjustable and will allow for corrections to the pinion and caster angles. It will also help to center the wheel and tire wells for an added tire base. There are no joints (maintenance) to help give it a quiet flexing movement. With a powder coated finish that is ultra violet protected, it also includes joints that are forged and threaded and a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects.

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