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Teraflex JK High Steer System & Drag Link Flip Kit - JK

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When performing a high steering upgrade on the JK Wrangkers, the TeraFlex JK high steer system will best address any concerns. The system has a cast made from heavy duty ductile iron and it also comes with reinforcements in the vital sections that are more prone to deflection and stress. The system offers heavy duty solutions for the weak vulnerabilities that are usually found in the stock JK axle steering configuration. It also increases the tie rod ground clearance by over 1 1/8 inches so as to reduce tie rod damage abs bending.
The TeraFlex JK drag Link Flip Kit usually relocates the drag link over the knuckle hence bolting it directly on to the new high steer knuckle. It is 50% stronger than the drag link from the factory. The Forged drag link usually threads into the factory adjusting sleeve. The complete drag link is fully forged so as to eliminate excess movement during hard steering maneuvers and it makes use of factory style adjusting collar and pinch clamp for easy adjustments. The system includes a frame side trackbar drop bracket which keeps the steering geometry correct. The kit was designed to perfectly work on JK wranglers that have 4 inches to 6 inches of lift. As it maintains steering geometry at correct angles it offers excellent highway drivability. The kit comes with one driver and one passenger high steer knuckle. A complete flip drag link and a front trackbar drop bracket.

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