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Teraflex JK Transit Mud Flap Kit - JK

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The smooth and contoured shape of these TeraFlex Transit mud flaps allow them to handle a wide variety of road conditions. Whether its road debris, mud, gravel or road spray, this mud flap kit offers protection no matter how rough the road is. The injection-molded, high-density polyurethane is flexible and UV resistant. The construction also makes them long lasting and high on style.

The inner flap is self-cleaning with its smooth texture and quickly rids itself of dirt and mud. The outer flap has a subtle texture that matches the factory bumpers and flares. Disconnect the flaps quickly and easily with the quick-release system of removal. It's an easy way to disconnect them when you're out on the trail. This kit is compliant with both state and federal laws, and it is compatible with most aftermarket bumpers. Install these flaps easily with the bolt-on installation method that requires only basic hand tools. This system will allow the flaps to be angle-mounted for the right tire clearance required. These flaps have a lifetime warranty and will fit all models of JK Wrangler. Use these flaps to stay legal, stay protected from road debris and make it easier to clean up after a trail ride.

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