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Teraflex Large Offset Adjustable FlexArm Joint - RHT - JK

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The TeraFlex JK large offset FlexArm Joint provides excellent off-road capabilities with articulation and durability. The chrome plated ball provides extreme corrosion resistance and incorporates a smooth sliding surface to reduce bushing friction and heat buildup and extend maximum bushing life. Increased shoulder width provides secure mounting. The urethane bushing uses interlocking fingers to provide a flow-through grease channel for proper lubrication to maximize bushing life. Vibration damping polyurethane material reduces road noise, eliminates clunks, and keeps proper position for maximum articulation during travel. The high strength forged housing is CNC machined to exacting tolerances for ultimate performance and durability. Zinc plating will ensure that these tolerances are maintained and preserved for the life of the rod end. This FlexArm joint utilizes an offset 10 degree 1-1/4" x 12 tpi. right hand thread shank and accepts a 9/16" bolt.

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