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Teraflex Nebo Roof Rack - Black - JK 4DR

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The TeraFlex Nebo roof rack is a low profile streamlined rack designed to lower excessive coefficient drag and wind noise when unloaded. The Nebo rack features OEM aesthetics and styling for rugged performance and was specifically designed to blend in seamlessly with the exterior of JK Wrangler four-door hard top vehicles providing a factory look.

TeraFlex engineered this rack so that users could take off of their next off-road adventure while having a secure means of storing items and designed the rack with universal accessory mounting in mind. The rack frees up space in the interior to give more storage space and comfort to occupants on their excursions.

The Nebo roof rack accepts most major brand aftermarket crossbars and has a wide variety of mountain options. Users can universally mount items and accessories easily with a rack that is fully supported by the factory sport bar, and if users want to remove the hard top, the rack has been designed with easy access provisions. The roof rack will also support most major aftermarket sport equipment carriers without needing the use of a cross bar.


Nebo Rack Assembled Dimensions:
Height: 2-3/8" (from crown of hard top)
Width: 43" (between rails)
Length: 45-1/2" (between plastic caps)


* Two (2) roof rack rails
* Four (4) roof rack rail mounts


* Drilling required in factory hardtop.

* Optional 6-Piece Cargo Slat Kit (# 4722050 or # 4722060) sold separately for additional mounting options.

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