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Teraflex Nebo Roof Rack Cargo Slat Kit - Silver - JK 4DR

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The TeraFlex Nebo Roof Rack Cargo Slat Kit has been designed to be incorporated with the TeraFlex Nebo Roof Rack. This cargo slat kit provides a secure platform to allow users to hold gear, and you will also have the option of mounting popular sports equipment carriers without requiring the use of a load, or cross bar. Please note that the cargo slat kit must be used with the Nebo roof rack main rail kit. 

Here are additional details:

•    Includes 6 slats, mounting brackets and hardware
•    Sleek low-profile design for unobtrusive aesthetics, and clean aerodynamics to make for a quiet ride
•    Composite supports with loop attachment for the optional use of cargo nets
•    Aluminum construction for reduced weight
•    Extra thick architectural grade UV resistant hard anodizing
•    Fasteners coated to OEM specifications for superior corrosion resistance
•    Rack cargo load is fully supported by the factory sport bar
•    Each slat has four 10-series t-slots and a wide center slot for mounting existing carriers and racks

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