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Teraflex Nebo Roof Rack Silver - JK 4DR

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The TeraFlex Nebo roof rack combines form and function with an aesthetically superior, unobtrusive low-profile design that lets users travel quietly. With a static load rating of 850 pounds and a dynamic drive load rating of 200 pounds, the TeraFlex Nebo lets users hit the road and take their adventure to the next level. The roof rack is sleek and streamlined with clean aerodynamics to reduce noise and air resistance for a smooth ride.

The Nebo rack has a purpose-built configuration and has been designed with universal accessory mounting capabilities in mind. It accepts after market crossbars like Thule or Yakima models for a variety of mounting options. All major cargo and sport equipment carriers including cycling, snow sports, and watersports are supported.

With OEM aesthetics incorporated, users can be sure of the rack';s rugged performance and with its factory finish, the roof rack feels right at home in the city and off road on the Rubicon. The rack';s fasteners have been coated to OEM specifications to achieve superior rust and corrosion resistance. Trim parts and composite supports have been molded to match the slight curvature of the hard top and the factory sport bar completely supports the rack cargo load.

A shovel, axe, and recovery jack can be quickly mounted with appropriate fixtures because the main rail aluminum extrusion on the Nebo rack features the industry standard 10 series T-slot mounting which makes it easy to use readily available accessory mounting hardware. The rack has a variety of mounting points with four T-slot channels on the main rail.

The Nebo rack is built tough but light with extruded aluminum construction for reduced weight and extra thick architectural grade hard anodizing that';s UV resistant. The total height added is 2 3/8"" from the crown of the hard top. Leaking is prevented with rubber gaskets and O-rings with shoulder bolts. Quick remove of the hard top roof rack is simple with only four addition mountain fasteners to loosen and easy to reach access holes and it can be hoisted and stored from the rail system.


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