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Teraflex Outback Front Coil Springs - Pair - JK 4dr 2.5in/JK 2dr 3in

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These Outback coil springs have received special attention and consideration in spring rate tuning and development. Any dedicated overland travel needs to use specific spring rates, suited to heavier loads and continuous mechanical resonance, to react better than the standard coil spring rates. The TeraFlex engineered heavy-duty load-enhanced spring rate coils meet all the performance demands of any fully loaded Jeep while maintaining lift height. Due to the load enhanced spring rate, riders will experience a firmer trip when the Jeep has an empty payload. The TeraFlex linear coil springs provide perfection in an engineering approach to the lifted springs for most Jeep Wranglers. The extensive rate tuning, combined with dynamic balance between rear and front load bias, create coil springs which deliver unsurpassed highway handling, as well as off road performance. TeraFlox chose to use the same tried and true, proven linear rate technology preferred by a number of vehicle manufacturers, including the Jeep brand. This has resulted in maximum active coils under the heaviest loads, with a shock valvng and pairing that holds consistently through the full range of motion. The predictable handling meets all Jeep requirements for off roald travel, and the TeraFlex coils springs come shot peened to reduce spring fatigue and sag. This also extends their life. The TeraFlex coil springs are powdercoated for the best element protection.

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