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Teraflex Rear 8-Lug Full Float Conversion Kit - Big Rotors - JK

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The TeraFlex 8-Lug Full Float Conversion Kit has been designed to replace the factory rear axle and bearing assembly that can be prone to bending, due to larger wheels and tires, high-speed impacts, low range twisting,as well as binding. The 8-Lug Full Float Conversion is the solution. This is achieved through the two wheel bearing design, which allows the weight to be evenly spread across the forged 4140chromolyspindles. The bearings come maintenance-free and oil bathed for a maintenance-free design.

Because the axle shaft no longer supports any vehicle weight, the case hardened 4340 Chromoly shafts transfer the torque without the load stresses associated with impact, and vehicle weight.Additionallyall factory sensors maintained and protected, and the OE park brakes along with the calipers and pads are also retained.

Also included are the 13.5" performance rotor and anchor bracket for increased and balanced braking.

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