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Teraflex Rear CRD60 Axle W/ 5.38 Arb Disc Brakes

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TeraFlex has upgrades for your axles, always the weakest point of Jeep's running gear. Whether you're getting a complete new axle assembly that's bolt-in ready, or an upgraded TeraFlex housing for all of your OEM components, you'll enjoy TeraFlex's reputation for stout, well-engineered parts.


  • Ductile cast iron housing with increased rib gussets
  • Smooth radius bottom design to glide over rocks & obstacles
  • Asymmetric housing design, for extra long tube side strength
  • Bottom oil drain hole for simple fluid changes
  • Integrated factory location upper control arm mount
  • 3.25" x 0.25" axle tube increases strength to resist bending and torsion with minimal weight increase
  • Compatible with factory JK Rubicon locker
  • Inner Axle Seals pre-installed
  • ARB & Standard width carrier housing available
  • 100% engineered, designed, and built in the USA
  • 100% new components
  • No Excuses warranty - 1 year, unlimited mileage

Some serious off-roading can see you limping back to the trailhead with cracked brackets, bent housings, failing bearings and leaking gear lube. TeraFlex axles are reinforced, beefed-up, or engineered to eliminate most of the problems you will encounter in building or running an off-roading Jeep. Starting with generations of experience in off-roading and building Jeeps and making parts for them, TeraFlex knows how. TeraFlex axles should be considered a serious upgrade. You can take all of your stock components and simply install them into a TeraFlex housing if you've damaged yours, saving a lot of money over replacing the entire axle assembly. Or you can simply buy a preassembled unit that's ready to bolt in. TeraFlex axles will outlast a stock axle by leaps and bounds, especially if you do much leaping or bounding in your Jeep.

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