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Teraflex Rear Coil Springs - JK 4dr 2.5in/JK 2dr 3in

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TeraFlex Linear Coil Springs Rear 2 Door 3 Inch 4 Door 2.5 inch is the perfect way to give a lift to your Jeep Wrangler for a smoother ride. Balance between the tuning and front/rear loads will give you better coil spring action especially for highway travel. You will also have a better terrain or trail experience when you take your Jeep off road. That's because TeraFlex specializes in Jeep products and they know maximum and active coils that are under load and shock pairing and valving that is even throughout the suspension movement can help with the handling for your Jeep.

To reduce springs from sagging and getting fatigued, the coil springs used by TeraFlex are shot peened. This also maximizes their life. Powder coated to protect against the elements, the TeraFlex coil springs come with a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

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