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Teraflex Rear Prerunner Speedbump Kit 3in - JK

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The TeraFlex rear prerunner speedbump kit 3 inches is a new kit that helps you take advantage of the innovative bumpstops that have been manufactured by TeraFlex to give you the high demand performance out of your JK Wrangler you expect. The SpeedBump bumpstop utilizes patented technology to reduce the crush of suspension upon impact so that you don';t have to worry about the bumpstop bottoming.

It is a great piece to have installed if you spend a lot of time off-road or on highways that are poorly maintained. Instead of worrying the axel housing bending on impact, the bumpstop will take the full impact. Additionally, lessening the impact also helps offer excellent vehicle control so you can always feel your Jeep respond to your steering.

This high level absorption is possible due to refined technology that includes polyurethane technology that is taken a step further and charged with closed-cell nitrogen. This allows the bumpstop to continue to take hits without fading away or losing its composure. Plus, the technology is not affected by temperature in any way so it works great regardless of the weather outside.

Outside of the fact that the piece can be used in any weather, it is also maintenance free. The TeraFlex bumpstop features a long lifespan that will not require any custom tuning or adjustment along the way. Therefore, you can use the kit to install the modification and then rest assured it will perform. Each kit has four three inch travel Speedbump bumpstops, rear weld-in mounting sleeve, front adjustment spacers, front lower bumpstop strike pads, and strike pads for the rear lower bumpstop.


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