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Teraflex Rzeppa High Angle CV Front Driveline - JK 2007-11

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The TeraFlex High Angle Cv Driveline has been designed with the combination of smooth torque transfer of a true CV joint, with the high angle misalignment of a traditional u-joint. This driveline is fabricated from 2 3/8" carbon steel tubing, and is welded for precision construction to help reduce harmonic vibrations while refining high RPM dynamics.

This driveline comes balanced, and zeroed out during the final assembly to be ready for installation once arrived to the user. This feature also addresses all of the prior shortcomings found within the factory driveline, without having to sacrifice on any of the benefits. The unique Rzeppa Joint, and high angle boot have been designed with extreme angles that come with larger lifts. Unlike a U-joint style driveline, the Rzeppa joint does not experience a significant loss in strength due to higher angles. This is beneficial for those with 3" of lift, or higher.

Additional features include anti-friction coating which is applied to the splines to provide years of maintenance-free enjoyment. It has a boot sealed lip spline section, as well asa black trivalent zinc chromate coating which helps fight corrosion.

This driveline is for the front location.

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