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Teraflex Rzeppa High Angle Factory Replacement CV Kit - JK

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If you have a damage or worn CV joint, a replacement or upgrade can be very expensive. TeraFlex has created the High Angle Rzeppa Factory Replacement CV Joint Kit to help you retain your driveline - and it's not expensive!


  • With the High Angle CV housing, it can decrease the boot failure that's commonly seen in taller lifts. If you have S version, with a 3+ inch lift, this is very important.
  • Included in the kit are socket head bolts, the CV joint assembly, a 6 mm Allen wrench, the high angle CV housing boot and the cap, the bolt flanges, and low friction CV grease that has high viscosity bonding agents to adhere to all moving parts, that's designed for high RPM to be used with the Rzeppa CV joint.

Note: For CV joint longevity, use the proper grease packing as it should be applied thoroughly and liberally to the full CV assembly. Use all of the grease that's given or you may cause the bearings to fail.

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