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Teraflex S/T Sway Bar Crossmember Bushing - TJ/LJ

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Part Number: 753330

This TJ D-shaped TeraFlex S/T sway bar crossmember bushing locates and centers the S/T torsion sway bar in the crossmember. This bushing is designed to fit the larger street torsion bar, and has an inside diameter of 1.5".

OD (2-1/2") with Large (1-1/2") ID for Large Diameter Bar 2x

The sway bar bushing is molded from Nylatron GS. This material is a nylon and molybdenum disulphide (MoS2) composition designed with integrated self-lubricity to dramatically extend component service. The bushing can be used with little or no grease, but long term durability will increase with the use of a synthetic grease.

Sold individually.

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