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Teraflex Spare Tire Extension - JK/LJ/TJ

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Your Price: $48.99
Part Number: 1907200

This is the TeraFlex Spare Tire Extension which will come in handy for those of you who are upgrading to larger wheels, and tires. Aftermarket wheels will often come with different back spacing, so when you have the TeraFlex Spare Tire Extension installed, this will extend the mounting point of the wheel, from the vehicle.

Also larger wheels and tire mean that the clearance between the tire, and rear bumper can become an issue.  The TeraFlex Spare Tire Extension extends out an extra 2.75”, and also provides an extra 1.75” of lift. But keep in mind that although you can carry extra- large wheels on this bracket, a tire larger than 33” of size can cause too much stress on the tailgate. 

The TeraFlex Spare Tire Extension Bracket will come provided with two lug patterns that can be used for 5 lug patterns which are 5x5, and 5x4.5. These have been crafted out of heady duty steel, and have been powder coated a black finish for anti-corrosion resistance. 

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