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Teraflex SpeedBump Bump Stops Front and Rear 2.5in Lift - JK

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The SpeedBump by TeraFlex is one of the most innovative bumpstop systems on the market. Designed for high performance, it is a Wrangler progressive product. The nature of this product is to allow for the reduction in the suspension, compressing impacts and any harsh bump stop bottoming related to impacts. The absorption of the tough impacts experienced during off road driving reduces the risks to the housing, while causing less chance of bending to the axle. It also increase the abiity of the driver to maintain vehicle control. This TeraFlex SpeedBump features a performance tuned closed cell nitrogen charged technology, backed by microcellular polyurethane, providing progressive bumpstomps that won';t dissipate or fade over time. The microcellular polyurethane technology will not be affected by extreme temperatures, as it retains a thermal and subzero temperature flexibility. The Delrin acetal resin polymer shaft was created to reduce wear and abrasion with its self-lubricating ability, allowing for a higher number of cycles. There are external shafts that seal to prolong the shaft life, which create a longer lasting product. The SpeedBump is used with minor maintenance requirements, minimal custom adjustments and little tuning needed. There is no welding required; installation is a simple bolting requirement.

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