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Teraflex SpeedBump Bump Stops Rear 3-6in Lift - JK

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TeraFlex specializes in Jeep Wrangler products and they know that because you want to go off roading and you can';t spot every pot hole on the road, a great way to protect your axle housing beds is to have better bumpstops. To give you increased vehicle control, Teraflex SpeedBump bumpstop is a new innovation that uses nitrogen and other compoents to help reduce suspension compressing impacts, and the good news is there';s relatively no installation required!


Included are two bumpstops (rear). The TeraFlex SpeedBump Bumpstop uses closed-cell nitrogen charged microcellular polyurethane that won';t dissipate over time or with extensive use. It also uses microcellular polyurethane that won';t be affected by extreme heat or cold. A Delrin acetal resin polymer shaft is also included and it's self-lubricating – guaranteed for thousands of continuous uses without breaking down. The only work you';ll likely need to do is clean off the external shaft seal to prevent erosion from getting into the housing of the SpeedBump. With no tuning or adjustments required, the TeraFlex SpeedBump Bumpstop is maintenance free!

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