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Teraflex SpeedBump Bumpstop Kit Front and Rear 4in - JK

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Made for both front and rear, the Tera Flex Speed Bump bump stop is made to offer increased performance for Jeep Wrangler JK versions from its durable design. The speed bump bump stop is made to help reduce the amount of suspension compressing that is commonly identified with hard stops. This can also help to minimize how much pressure the axle';s housing has to endure while it gives an increased amount of control over the vehicle. By absorbing the impacts from tough terrain, hazardous road conditions and off road adventures, this can help drivers by offering them increased handling.


The Tera Flex speed bump works with a micro cellular polyurethane design that uses nitrogen (closed cell version), that won';t decrease over time even when it is heavily used. It also accommodates severe temperature changes. The polymer shaft is a Delrin, acetyl resin version that while self lubricated, will work for thousands of times, even continuously without decreasing or wearing down. A seal to the external shaft helps to wipe the shaft clean each time to decrease contaminants from getting into the housing of the speed bump. With no need for maintenance, the speed bump does not require tuning or adjustments. It has an easy to apply bolt-on feature. Included in this kit are the front speed bump (2) and the speed bump bump stop (rear) (2), strike pads for the lower bump stop and the adjustment spacers (front).

Note: In installing the speed bump, it will require removal of the bump stop bell (factory version, front application). There is no welding that is required.

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