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Teraflex Suspension 2.5in Lift Kit - JK 4DR

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Lift your Jeep up to the next level with the TeraFlex Lift Kit. The 2.5-inch suspension lift kit will improve both on-road and off-road driving without interfering with your Jeep's factory-installed stability controls. All components in the kit are engineered to provide the right suspension geometry, load tuning and roll center for your Jeep.

After installing the kit, you'll be able to increase your Jeep's tire size to 35-inch tires. (You'll need aftermarket wheels that have 4.5-inch backspacing at most.) The larger tires and increased suspension will help with climbing over rocks in the wilderness and look great going down Main Street.

The Teraflex Lift Kit comes with 2.5-inch lift coil springs, a heavy duty rear trackbar axle bracket, rear swaybar links and bump stop extensions. Hardware is included. On 2012 and newer Jeeps, exhaust spacers or another exhaust modification might be required to ensure correct driveshaft clearance if your Jeep's front extended shock length exceeds 24.5 inches.

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