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Teraflex Suspension 2.5in Lift Kit, w/Shocks - JK 2DR

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TeraFlex is synonymous with excellent performance and drivability, and the Lift Kit with 9550 Shocks 2.5in lives up to the company's name. Designed with the Jeep Wrangler in mind, 9550 Shock Absorbers are capable of outstanding achievements both in off-road and highway settings. These shock absorbers are not only covered by a lifetime warranty, but TeraFlex stakes its very reputation and history as a trailblazer in the industry of aftermarket manufacturing on the quality and versatility of this product. The kit will enable you try any tire up to 35 inches and any aftermarket wheel under 4.5 inches in backspacing. Whatever the reason for lifting your car, the Teraflex 9550 2.5in Shock Lift Kit will see to it that the job is done to perfection.

With its suspension geometry developed to exacting standards, and its load tuning ensuring the functionality and the safety compliance originally set out by Jeep, the Teraflex 9550 2.5in Shocks will become a critical element to your car's performance. These kits aren't afraid to break boundaries and test your determination in crawling over just about everything. They come with 2.5" lift coil springs, bumpstop extensions, rear swaybar links, 9550 VSS shock absorbers, heavy-duty, rear trackbar axle brackets, and any additional hardware you may need.

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