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Teraflex Wide Rear CRD60 Full Float Axle w/5.38 R&P and ARB Super 60 - JK

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The CRD60 is engineered and designed for maximum protection, performance and durability. The exclusive Constant Radius Design provides high ground clearance that remains unaffected by pinion angle adjustments. Increased rib gussets strengthen the housing to eliminate deflection under high load, while heavy duty bearing caps also help increase rigidity through the bearings and carrier to reduce ring and pinion distortion. The CRD60 has a built in "œskimmer" that cuts the ring gear oil halo and forces oil into the pinion bearings. The CRD60 's front pinion bearing pocket has a renewable oil reservoir that replenishes as you drive and maintains a fresh reserve of oil which constantly bathes the pinion bearing in cooled oil. The high capacity housing accommodates over 3 quarts of gear oil ensuring operation for extended highway driving. The oversized front pinion bearing design easily handles the increased torque conditions that result from high load conditions. As part of the hand-built axle production process, axle tubes are machined for a precise interference fit, prior to being pressed into the housing. All 1/4" axle brackets are located in jig fixtures to ensure correct suspension mounting to maintain factory suspension geometry. They are then welded in place by certified in house TeraFlex craftsmen. The preparation process prior to final coating involves a surface hardening media blasting to remove all oils and contaminants, a chemical etching process and a premium UV protected triple-stage powder coat to keep the axle resistant from all environmental conditions.

CRD60 Features:

  • Extreme duty full float design
  • 8x6.5" wheel bolt pattern
  • CRD60 rear specific high pinion axle housing design
  • Ductile cast iron housing with increased rib gussets
  • Smooth radius bottom design to glide over rocks & obstacles
  • 3.25" x 3/8" axle tube for superior strength vs weight
  • 1/4" thick CNC laser cut axle brackets for extreme strength
  • Reinforced rear track bar mount with multiple mounting locations
  • Integrated lower flexarm skid plates
  • Pre-drilled holes for limit straps and lower spring retainers
  • Heavy duty ductile iron differential cover
  • Axle seals pre-installed
  • Pre-installed upper control arm bushings
  • Retains all JK ESP, ABS & speedometer sensor capability
  • Proper pinion angle for lifted JK applications
  • Premium UV protected triple-stage powder coat process for superior corrosion resistance
  • 100% engineered, designed, and built in the USA
  • 100% new components
  • 1 year, unlimited mileage warranty

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