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Yukon Dana 44 Master Overhaul Differential Kit Rear

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Your Price: $458.06
Part Number: YKD44-JK-STD
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The Yukon Gear & Axle Master Overhaul Kits contain everything needed to perform a proper differential rebuilding. These are high grade components that meet or exceed OEM build quality. This is a prepackaged kit that saves you time and hassle of trying to individually piece together all of the components.

Here are some additional specs:

10 Cover bolts
10 Ring gear bolts
24 Pinion spline count
Cover gasket included
Pinion shims included
Carrier shims included
Crush sleeve included
Pinion seals included
Pinion nut included
Ring gear bolts included
Head bearing included
Tail bearing included
Carrier bearings included

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