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Yukon Spartan Locker Dana 30, 27 Spline

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Part Number: SLD30-27
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The Yukon Spartan Locker Dana 30 27 Spline is designed for the 4x4 Jeep, truck or SUV that is looking to gain more traction on the pavement and in certain off-road conditions. The limited on-road traction presents an issue when it comes to faster stopping times, rainy weather, and/or snow and ice conditions. These adverse weather conditions give drivers a bad name when it comes to safely navigating the highways. With the Yukon Spartan Locker Dana 30 27 Spline, the Ratcheting locker will provide full traction to both axles proving them wrong time after time. When those times require turning, the spline is designed to disengage an inner-axle to allow for a smooth and effortless turn. The complete installation proves to be a snap with the spring and pin design.

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